Thursday, February 7, 2008

February Favorites

These are a few of my favorite things for February...

Location: 44 East Ontario Street, Downtown

Three words: Cheap, cheap, cheap! How do they get away with being so cheap? I'm done trying to figure that out and instead plan to sample and enjoy everything this phenomenon-of-a-food-store has to offer. Here's an idea - grab a bunch of their uber-cheap hors d’oeuvres (like Spinach Dip, Calamari, or Mini Quiches), call up some friends and have a fabulous time without ever leaving the comfort of your own apartment!

(From Starbucks…any Starbucks)
Location: A corner near you

It's a holiday for your mouth. And yes, of course you can get it in nonfat (I do) and it still tastes absolutely decadent...

Location: 626 North State Street (State and Ontario)

Still my favorite standby for Italian small-plates, reasonably-priced wine and great times with good friends - the warm atmosphere inside will make you forget the dreary miserable slush outside.

Location: Millennium Park, Michigan Ave.

Who says romance is dead. Grab your partner by the hand and round-and-round you go! It’s inexpensive (less than $10 will get your own pair of rental skates), it’s a good workout (I know you have that on your list of yet-to-achieve resolutions that are already gathering dust on the fridge) and it’s fun (something we don’t have nearly enough of in the blustery Chicago winter).

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