Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ten Pin Bowling Lounge, Marina City

Strike" out in style at Ten Pin!

As a Chicago local who hates dealing with the influx of summer, weekend, holiday, and – well - any-old-day-or-night-of-the-week tourists, who’d-a thought I could find anything even remotely redeeming about the ultra touristy House of Blues Hotel and adjoining facilities. But alas, today I eat my words, having discovered yet another jewel of Chicago culture and ‘townie’ entertainment.

When my boyfriend announced his brilliant “master plan” involving the two of us, a group of friends, cheap beer and matching, unflattering uniforms, I realized that my standard “56” wouldn’t exactly cut it in his fantasy world of Tuesday night bowling league glory,

The dedicated (and at this point, desperate) girlfriend I am, I wasted no time in scouring the city for bowling lounges where we could hone my ‘technique’ (or lack thereof) without being surrounded by small children to overhear the inevitable barrage of four letter faux pas, when my technique was not honed as quickly as I’d like.

In my quest to find the perfect spot to sink my strike (not!), I learned one thing – bowling in Chicago is not cheap. Most places cost a good $20 an hour – on weeknights! After extensive research however, I landed on Ten Pin Bowling Lounge, located in Marina City by the House of Blues Hotel. Not exactly where you’d expect to find a bargain – but much to my surprise they a super-trendy atmosphere, fantastic finger-food, one of the best bloody marys I’ve had in a long time and two great ongoing deals.

On Sundays you can get three hours of unlimited bowling for just $15/person and drink specials including $2.50 Miller and Miller Lite, and $4 select cocktails and bloody marys (right up my alley).

And if that’s not enough to get you into a pair a retro rentals, bring your man in for Monday night football (broadcast on eight oversized screens spanning 24 lanes), $4 games and discounted appetizers including 50 cent wings, half-price pizzas and $2.50 Miller bottles (although I’m sure they’ll give you draft if you ask nicely). They even have a “football toss” at half time with an opportunity to win $10,000!

At this rate, we’ll be ready to join a league in no time.

10Pin Bowling Lounge
330 North State Street
Chicago, Illinois 60610

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